Jack Panther

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according to Happy Magazine in Australia, “If you’re not already familiar with this name, it’s definitely time you changed that".

At 21, Panther flourishes within the Wellington music scene with his upcoming EP taking him as far as London to work with Stuart Hawkes (Sheeran, Winehouse).

Curating an eclectic range of up-and-coming Kiwi features, his debut EP, ‘Retrospect’, circles around the highs and lows of adolescent heartbreak, and is an honest concentration of Panther’s effortless and endearing musicianship.

 Photography by Jessica Machray. Visuals by Louis Arthur & Knifedge.




Wellington songwriter Jack Panther started writing music as a young teen and now – at 21 – he's about to release his debut EP Retrospect.

He performs 'Club Bathroom Stall' (the second single from the EP) and chats to Jesse Mulligan.


In the past, Jack has worked with other vocalists but is getting more comfortable with his own voice as he gets older, he tells Jesse Mulligan.

"A debut is always a bit daunting, though."

He says it was a friend who came up with the performance name 'Jack Panther'.

"I was sitting in a car one day with a couple of friends, we were just driving along, and my friend Ben just said to me 'Oh, what about 'Jack Panther'?

"It kind of grew on me after a while and since then it's kind of stuck."

You can listen to Jack Panther's first single Heartbreakers here.


Radio One - Dunedin’s 91FM w/ Jamie Green

Jack’s Interview with Jamie Green on Dunedin’s Radio One on 7th May 2018


Radio One - Dunedin’s 91FM w/ Nicole yen

Jack’s Interview with Nicole Yen on Dunedin’s Radio One on 12th October 2018


Radioactive FM - HAtched Track

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Jack Panther’s Second Single ‘Club Bathroom Stall’ recieved Radioactive’s Hatched Track of the week.

Brand new, super fresh and 100% organically spawned in Aotearoa, music with that “just from the oven” sound. Tune in to the Flow for a specially selected, nurtured new track, Hatched, 2pm every day of the week.. and if you miss out, it’s all here & in the twit-o-verse, Hatched, for your convenience. Brought to you by NZonAir

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As Jack Panther releases the stunning new video for his track Heartbreakers, we caught up with the artist himself to chat about the new song, influences, and developing a sound.

HAPPY: Hey man, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

JACK: Hey, I’m doing pretty well thanks. I’ve just had a cool weekend away, unwinding and relaxing since the track release!

HAPPY: We’re loving the new track… could you tell us a bit about it?

JACK: Oh I’m so glad to hear it! Heartbreakers I wrote when I was 16, going through my first heartbreak and trying to understand how and why I felt this way. When you’re young, relationships can always be such a power stru… Read More…